Impact Entertainment

Impact Entertainment is a production company based out of Junction City, the metropolitan hub of Simberry Fields. Through signing and developing musical acts, Impact has developed a comprehensive record label, representing a range of talent in many different genres. From internationally known performers to up-and-coming local musicians, Impact works to brings sims all over the Sim Nation the best in music.

Currently signed musicians include:

Jimmie Page – With her unique blend of arena and alternative rock, soul and punk, Jimmie Page has created a name for herself across Sim Nation. A driven young woman with passion for her craft, Jimmie aspires to spread her sound across the world. With the release of her first album, Trouble Is…, she hit the top of the charts both locally and around the country. In July, Jimmie released her sophomore album, Distastrophe, an album that highlights her constantly evolving sound.

Distastrophe track list:

  1.  Voices
  2.  Thrilling Restrictions
  3.  Dying Day
  4.  Amplified
  5.  Looking Back at Me
  6.  Jetfuel and Sunrises
  7.  Fortuneteller’s Prediction
  8.  Distastrophe
  9.  Foundations
  10.  Miles of Doubts

Leander Snow – “For some sims, music is just in your blood.” That’s how Leander Snow describes his passion for music. With the release of his first album, Circling Skies, Leander has introduced Sim Nation to his unique post-grunge, Indie rock sound.

Circling Skies track list:

  1.  I Thought of Everything
  2.  Reason Enough
  3.  Get Up, Get Out
  4.  South Side of Paradise
  5.  Circling Skies
  6.  All We’ve Known
  7.  Fair Warning
  8.  One More Regret

Dahlia Black – What do you get when you cross unstoppable imagination with amazing talent? The answer is Dahlia Black and her freshman album, Gallowglass. A mix of industrial metal, hard and goth rock, Dahlia exhibits stunning range in both vocals and emotional depth in her music.

Gallowglass track list:

  1.  The Nobodies
  2.  Down the Rabbit Hole
  3.  On the Wings of the Night
  4.  Epidemic Of Anomalies
  5.  Pool of Tears
  6.  Boxed Up Smiles
  7.  Turning to Stone
  8. Quiet Desperation
  9. Gallowglass

Story’s End –  With their own personal blend of folk rock and neo-country, Verity Lennon and Anouk Bramley have created a landmark first album in State of Bliss.  Their take on classic country with a pop-rock twist is truly refreshing.

State of Bliss track list:

  1.  Driving Around Town
  2.  Too Many Graces
  3.  State of Bliss
  4.  Born Free
  5.  All of the Above
  6.  Promise of a Brave New World
  7.  The Other Side of Consequence
  8.  Barn Burner
  9. Speeding Down Lover’s Lane

Paper Thin Walls –Paper Thin Walls has burst onto the scene with a punkabilly, glam rock sound unrivaled in the music scene today. Their self-titled freshman album highlights the range of their sound, from rock n’ roll anthems like Where Do You Stand?, to up-beat, in-your-face pop ballads like Take Me Up, Paper Thin Walls exhibits the band’s dedication to variety of the utmost quality.

Paper Thin Walls track list:

  1.  Tongue Tied and Twisted
  2.  Eclipsed
  3.  Up Against the Wall
  4.  Where Do You Stand?
  5.  My Wandering Eye
  6.  Farther Away
  7. Take Me Up
  8.  Go to the Show

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