Mount Braynon University


Established by Franciscus Branyon  during Simberry’s burgeoning years, Mount Branyon University students have a history of academic excellence. Over the years the school has produced eminent scientists and mathematicians, Simlitzer Prize winning authors, celebrated politicians and diplomats, and world renowned musicians. Mount Branyon University has always encouraged academic excellence among its students and has been a leader in the academic world for over a simcentury.

Situated on a compact isle just off the coast, Mount Branyon University is in a prime location, close to transportation and a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Junction City.  The University itself is not large, but prides itself on quality of the education and experience given to its students despite its small size. Class sizes are excellent for cultivating a personalized education catering to the student’s needs – frequently with a student/teacher ratio of only 10:1!

Our professors have a total of over two hundred sim years of experience between them in their respective fields, and all have joined our faculty at the peak of their careers. Real-world experience relates to real, hands-on education at Mount Branyon, and it certainly shows – the University has ranked within the top 3% of universities across SimNation for ten years in a row.


Mount Branyon University offers a variety of majors to its students centering on arts and sciences pertinent to everyday sim life:

  • Art, Art History, Creative Writing, Fashion, Film & Media, Literature, Music and Performing Arts
  • Biology, Chemistry, Communication Technology, Computing, Conservation, Engineering, Finance, Genetic Science, Marine Biology and Political Science
  • Ancient History, Archeology, Dead Languages, Economics, Education, Geography, Government, International Relations, Journalism, Languages, Law, Sociology and Sports Studies
  • Culinary Arts, Food Sciences and  Pastry Arts
  • Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing


Mount Branyon considers academic excellence to be crucial, and thus a rigorous admissions process is the standard. To be considered for admission, a teenage sim must provide proof of the following:

  • A 3.0 (B) or higher average maintained during high school
  • A 3.0 (B) or higher average on written and practical final exams

Factors that may be taken into consideration during the admissions process include:

  • Excelling in particular skill sets (one or more full skill bar)
  • Having taken part in community betterment programs
  • Having maintained a part-time job during high school
  • Having reached ‘Recruit’ level in the Military career during high school

For Homeschooled Sims, the following must also be provided:

  • Portfolio of student’s work

Out-of-Neighborhood Applicants

Mount Branyon extends a warm welcome to out-of-neighborhood applicants, and encourages any teenage sim interested in attending the University to apply.

Official transcripts for all applicants should be sent through the Simberry Fields Post Office (, addressed as below:

Office of Admissions

Mount Branyon University

1000 Independence Avenue

Simberry Fields, SimNation

Financial Aid

Grants available throughout SimNation for teenage sims attending a college or university:

Hogan Award for Athletics

Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship

Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics

London Culinary Arts Scholarship

Will Wright Genius Grant

Bui Engineering Award

Quigley Visual Arts Grant

SimCity Scholar’s Grant

Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant

Young Entrepreneurs Award

Undead Educational Scholarship

Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize

Tsang Footwork Award

Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund

(Contact your local Education Department for more information on these grants)

In addition, Mount Branyon provides the following grants:

  • The Thomason Science Award – for students who reached the level of “Lab Assistant” in the Science career
  • The Simberry Llama’s Scholarship – for students who reached the level of “Team Mascot” in the Athletic career

And for students in underrepresented groups:

  • The C.A.M.F (Committee for the Advancement of Magical Folk) Scholarship – for students with background in witchcraft and wizardry.
  • Lou Pine Memorial Trust – for students with lycanthropic genes.
  • Transylvanian Trust – for students with vampiric upbringings.

In addition to the above listed scholarships and grants, additional financial assistance is given each semester to those sims with exceptional performance. Also, Mount Branyon University has provided students with extraordinary talent and drive with full scholarships.

Student Life

Mount Branyon University provides student housing in the form of a brand new, state-of-the-art dorm on campus, within walking distance to all major university buildings including the Library and the Science and Art centers. The on-campus shops, parks and restaurants offer students convenience, and provides them with a comfortable place to wind-down after a long day in classes.

In addition to providing students with a top-notch education, the University offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including the Arts Association, the MBU Film Society, the Chess Club, the Dance Team and various Honor Societies.


The Mount Branyon Fighting Llamas are a nationally recognized soccer team that has won numerous titles. Many of those students who played on the team during their time at Mount Branyon have gone on to play professionally.


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