News, Edition 4 – Fireman’s Ball

The 10th Annual Fireman’s Ball was held on June 25th, with proceeds going towards a new fire truck for the station at the corner of E. 22nd and Ontario streets. Captain O’Kelley started the night off by giving a short speech to the large crowd, thanking those who were in attendance and who had made donations to the truck fund. Always charming, he regaled the crowd in tales of the hardships of having only one firetruck to service Simberry and all of it’s surrounding cities. At the end of his speech -true to form- the Captain both praised his crew’s efforts in putting the event together… and lambasted them for their choice of formal wear for the occasion.

Following his speech, firemen Drew Mauer and Colin D’Arcy traded their water hoses for liquor bottles and made quite a splash as bartenders for the evening. Marc Lugosi acted as the auctioneer for the donated packages from different city hot-spots, such as a dinner for two from The Rusty Anchor, a gift certificate from the new West Side Market, and an all-day spa package from Bellamaria Spas. Dean Alexander spent the evening working with the DJ, perfecting the firehouse’s playlist.

Attendees included neighborhood spokessim Valencia Cabrera, Ronaldo and Bella Bernardi, Lane and Ziva Vãrejao, Neeve Boudin, Dena Martinez, and Audrey Martinez.

In the end, the Ball was a huge success. Seen below are the firemen posing in front of the newest edition to the firehouse – a new, state-of-the-art firetruck!


Clockwise from L to R: Colin D'Arcy, Drew Mauer, Cpt. Ryan O'Kelley, Dean Alexander and Marc Lugosi


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