News, Edition 5 – Aerial Bionic

The band Aerial Bionic has held three sold-out concerts in Simberry Fields during their tour stop here this week. Having toured SimNation promoting their Ursha album, Trevor Yates and Gareth Thayer played a plethora of music off the new LP in front of two packed crowds at the Fairgrounds, and yet another at the Sushi Rock restraunt and club Downtown.

Aerial Bionic perform at the Fairgrounds

Aerial Bionic perform before a crowd at the Fairgrounds on Tuesday

Trevor Yates

Trevor Yates

Gareth Thayer

Gareth Thayer

The fourth and final show will be held tomorrow evening at the Fairgrounds. Photos of this last show are to come!


One response to “News, Edition 5 – Aerial Bionic

  1. Great pictures! I love seeing the crowd and the stage setting is fantastic! These boys are really handsome! It’s great to see them up close! Can’t wait til they get to my hood next June.

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