News: Edition Seven, Winter in Simberry

It’s officially winter in Simberry. The holidays in our area are filled with lights, snow, and special events. Junction City is bustling with shoppers, filing through the many unique shops and stores. Monreauxville Crossing is filled with carolers and sparkling with fresh snow. Simberry Fields is glowing with thousands of strings of festive, glittering lights.

Simberry’s annual Yule Festival is a culmination of the season’s festivities. Held at the Fairgrounds on the outskirts of town, the festival highlights a tree lighting ceremony, a presentation of A Christmas Carol by Mount Braynon University’s Drama Department, an ice-skating competition, and music and dancing. This year’s line up for the event includes Jimmie Paige, Leander Snow and Story’s End.

This year’s festival is being held next Saturday. If you are interested in visiting Simberry this year for the Yule Fest, please contact the Event Committee at Out-of-city visitors are welcomed!

Also, the Event Committee is looking for talented performers for the evening concert. Apply by mailing the Committee at the email provided above.


One response to “News: Edition Seven, Winter in Simberry

  1. Very nice, sent you a long email, so be prepared 🙂

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